I grew up with domestic abuse. Both of my parents were active alcoholics growing up, with drugs mixed in sometimes. It was something that was deeply wrong with our family but was never *ever* discussed. Getting the hell beaten out of you for no particular reason was just a regular thing that just happened. Stop crying. Stop crying. Why are you crying? *whack* You're so ugly When you cry. When (as an adult) my partner started physically abusing me, I normalised it for a long time. He was a former Pastor. He staked me out as an insurance salesman at my workplace. He stalked me till I would agree to go out with him. 24 years older than me. Within a month of dating, he had choked me out, beat my head against a hardwood floor, and raped me immediately afterwards. I was supporting him financially and he lived in my apartment. In two years he has kicked me across the floor screaming, "I can't believe nobody 's killed you yet" he has ripped chunks of my hair out, broken one of my front teeth, and in top of all that, he's had me arrested for domestic assault for a quarter inch cut above his ear he got while trying to fight my way out of my own home. His name is David Blugerman.

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