Our voices matter, always.

My mom and dad were married just shy of 50 years when my mom finally made the decision to leave my dad due to decades of physical, emotional and psychological abuse. But it was too late. My dad tragically killed my mom as she was trying to make her transition as a single person and better quality of life. She was 70 years old.

My elderly dad is now serving a life sentence in prison and although I do forgive him, it's hard for me to fathom to this very day. Why didn't he just accept the fact that their marriage wasn't successful any longer and it's time to part ways? I wished my mom would have left years ago, but I know fear was instilled in her, preventing her from leaving.

Fear is among the leading causes preventing those who need to safeguard themselves and leave. Fear of not being able to survive without an abuser is why most victims choose to stay.

Domestic violence has no age limit, sex, gender, race or religious affiliation. Anyone can be adversely affected. If someone shows even subtle signs of wanting help, please HELP them. It can make the difference of regaining a quality life once again. Our voices matter, always.

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